How people get to work in Toronto

These are all the different methods that people get to work in Toronto- this chart shows it in percent…


LRT or subways? What’s your take?

Tell me what you think of the decision of the voting of LRT. Not everyone agrees with it but I want to know if you do…

LRT vs. Subway vote comes to a close

Mayor Rob Ford left the Sheppard Ave. transit debate at a standstill on Wednesday night (March 21st) to delay council from voting for light rail transit. Ford, fled into an elevator to avoid reporters and questions.

The council meeting resumed on March 22nd at 9:30 a.m. It quickly became a very heated and angry debate while Ford continued to fight for subways stressing that the people of Toronto want subways and not LRT.

By the end of the day a decision was made and Ford was left defeated in a vote by council of 24 to 14.

It was decided that an LRT line is going to run from Don Mills to Morningside instead of a subway.

Ford said he feels sorry for the taxpayers and residents and also said he will continue to fight for subways and will do everything in his power to stop the construction of light rail.

My most convenient subway stop

My most convenient subway stop

I use Woodbine subway station on an almost daily basis to get to school and work and wherever else. I have mapped my trip from where I live now to the station, it is a simple trip but it does a lot for me, I also use the Valu-mart directly beside it for my groceries and the bank farther up the street. It docks buses also that I use to take home when it is raining or cold sometimes. It is useful to me and thousands of other people.